PUNCHLAB Fred Anton Corvest

Beat Energizer | Sonic Revitalizer

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  • Combine essential dynamic effects for effortless sound crafting
  • Enhance your mix quickly, boosting its natural impact and presence
  • Elevate your drums with punch and unique character
  • Shape your sound with BOUM, emphasizing resonant tonality
  • Infuse life with Fizz, a dynamic noise modulator
  • Add saturation to achieve rich, harmonically driven tones
  • Maintain clarity with a versatile clipper and final limiter
  • Personalize your signal flow by rearranging FX positions
  • Low latency with optional oversampling
  • Waveform view of the pre and post signal
  • Advanced Responsive Design, portrait and landscape views
  • Universal Purchase: AUv3 for iOS (iPad/iPhone), macOS and Vision Pro

Beat Energizer | Sonic Revitalizer

Looking for that extra punch and energy to make your mark in the crowded music scene? Look no further – FAC Punchlab is your solution, an all-in-one super audio rack with 9 precision audio processors, ready to energize and revitalize your sound!

FAC Punchlab, your sonic atelier, empowers you to design and showcase the unique characteristics of your instruments:

The signal flow is not fixed; you can customize it as you wish by rearranging the positions of each audio processor, excluding clip and mix. Simply toggle the flow button and drag the FX to your desired position.

Whether you're a novice in music production or an avid amateur musician exploring various genres, this tool is sure to ignite your creative spark! Following the diagram below, the sound flows from the left to right, or from the input to the output.


IN/OUT Gains, Metering, and Waveforms
  • Input gain slider with stereo meters
  • Waveforms of pre (gray) and post signals (white)
  • Output gain slider with stereo meters
Ⓒ PHAT (Saturation)
  • Dual knob: the first sets the amount of saturation, and the second defines the gain before the effect. There is a fixed auto gain to maintain balanced dynamics after saturation
  • Model popover: Choose from 5 saturations (3x Clip, Sine, Tape)
Ⓑ Attack (Transient Designer)
  • Depth knob to define the emphasis or reduction of the attack
  • Punch sets the attack slope, can be very short and snappy

Ⓓ BOUM (Resonant Filter)
  • Dual knob: the first sets the depth of the emphasized tone, and the second adjusts the decays rate of the newly generated tone
  • The note slider sets the pitch to emphasize
  • Toggle the audition switch to only hear the new tone*
  • Dual knob: the first adjusts the amount of harmonic excitement, and the second defines the gain prior to the effect
  • Oxygen slider: control the coloration and character of the exciter
Ⓖ EQ (Bell Filters)
  • Dual knob to adjust the low/high gains of the bell filters
  • Two sliders to set the cutoff frequencies of the low/high filters
  • Dual knob: the first sets the clipper knee curve (super soft to hard, mid is soft knee). The second defines the gain before the effect
  • Shape slider: Adjust the curve to control the harmonic profile
  • Auto-gain popover: Choose post-gain compensation (Off, Half, Full)
Ⓚ Info button
  • Review the app, Tip Jar to support FAC, documentation...
Ⓜ Signal Flow Button
  • Toggle to rearrange the FXs by drag and drop (excluding CLIP/MIX) or long touch to reset the signal flow to the default setting
Ⓕ TONE (Shelf Filter, LPF/HPF)
  • Dual knob: the first adjusts the gain of the shelf filter, and the second sets the filter frequency
  • Two sliders to set the cutoffs frequencies of the LP/HP filters
Ⓗ FIZZ (Audio Rate Modulation)
  • Dual knob: the first sets the depth of the modulation, and the second adjusts the Q according the model
  • The note slider sets the frequency of the modulation
  • Model popover: Choose from 6 modulations (4x Noises, Sine, Tri)
  • Mix knob: control the individual blending of the dry and wet signals of each effect
  • High Quality toggle to enable oversampling
  • Final limiter options: choose from brickwall, hard, or off
Ⓛ Preset button
  • Preset manager (tap/long touch)

*When the BOUM audition mode is engaged, other active effects (after BOUM) are not bypassed automatically

Lookahead and Oversampling

FAC Punchlab reports to the host the (low) latency related to the audio processing. Check that your host provides "Latency Compensation"

Always check your audio levels

In general, use the gain in parsimony, to avoid any excessive levels that may damage your ears or your system. FAC Punchlab shall not be liable for any loss or damage of whatever nature (direct, indirect, consequential, or other) to your material (software, hardware, or other)

As with all FAC products, the interface has a unique sober look and provides a great user experience. The value of each knob can be monitored at any time. The knobs are very responsive, natural and follow a specific curve according to the parameter type

Preset Management

FAC Punchlab also comes with factory presets to provide you a source of inspiration to satisfy your needs in any situation you might require

The preset button provides common management features: loading, organization, saving, importing and exporting. The left and right arrows allow fast navigation shortcuts among all the presets (factory + user), a short press on the center label provides a detailed list of all the available presets, select the one you want to work with. On the other hand a long touch (hold) provides contextual operation

Essential dynamic fxs for effortless sound crafting

FAC Punchlab - Logic Pro

FAC Punchlab - AUM

FAC Punchlab - Garage Band

FAC Punchlab - BAM

FAC Punchlab - BeatMaker (Vision Pro)

FAC Punchlab - Ableton Live (macOS)

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This is marvelous! A timesaver, super intuitive, ready for modern-production-sounding producers and projects!


Tried it on a drum buss, super easy to dial in what I want! The GUI is also easier to see on an iPhone!


Punchlab is another instant winner from FAC. I love how you can stick it on anything and easily manipulate the sound with the chain of amazing effects. The fact that you can reorder the effects and turn stuff on and off, just adds to the flexibility. It’s also the best looking FAC app in my opinion


Great!! A one stop shop!! Gives me real impact on the Drum and Main Bus.
Great job on the presets too, they’re shaped really well


Yeah, it will be a ’no brainer’ for anyone wanting to process sounds, not only drums :)
I particularly love the gain on the input to really trash things up!


Heat with Oxygen Knob?! How cool is that 🫵🏼🤩 ! Sounds really good and offers a lot of sound design possibilities 🙌🏼


Fred Anton Corvest (FAC) passionately crafts each plugin as a masterpiece, merging art and technology
with a strong emphasis on both sound excellence and user experience