PHAZER Fred Anton Corvest

Swooshing magic within your reach

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  • Inspired by famous phaser units from guitarist and keyboardist world
  • Unique sonic character combined with a large amount of control
  • Adjustable LFO; diverse waveforms and synchronizable to host tempo
  • Versatile: External modulation (parameters), Step mode ...
  • Unique VU meter design (Butterfly): levels and lfo indicator
  • Suitable for all musical genres and instruments
  • Stereo, adjustable phase modulation distance between both channels
  • Includes various presets for inspiration
  • AUv3 for iOS (iPad/iPhone)

Swooshing magic within your reach

FAC Phazer will satisfy most fans of phasing effects, and will seduce them by its rich sonic palette offer along with its elegant interface. To get the classic phase effect, the original signal is blended with a slightly out of phase copy of itself. Altering the timing difference between both signals will produce the swooshing kind of sound.

Most of the phaser units available on the market are built around this circuit topology, with their own specificities and limitations. Guitar pedals provide great sonic signature out of the box and are a great source of inspiration, but we tend to forget that built-in fx section of some hardware synthesizers are very outstanding too. FAC Phazer has the best of both worlds, all in one single plugin providing access to a lot of parameters involved in the building of the typical phasing effect.

The design development has been inspired by some pedals as well as built in phaser effects available on hardware synthesizers. This gave birth to the characters Classic, Midori, Step and Tirus. All the parameters can be applied on all of them to reach new personal, exciting and outstanding sounds.

The presets Slow, Moderate and Jumpy Phase Pedal or also Fleur d’Oranger bring the classic pedals sound signature within your reach. If you are looking for more modern characteristics: the preset Step Sound I provides a splendid stepping mode and the preset Midori Phase Shift II emphasises the feedback in an unique way. On the other hand, the preset Tirus Anthem is a good start to explore the phase kind of effect you can get from synthesizer built-in fx.

FAC Phazer does not come with pre-gain (saturation), because this is not always to the benefit of the effect on some types of sound. Very nice solutions already exist on the market, it’s up to the musician to decide if such pre warming is needed or not.

Section I
  • Levels and modulation metering
  • Modulation speed and depth
  • Modulation mode - free or tempo sync
  • Modulation waveform - tri, rect sin, lag, sin, square, rise, fall, sample and hold and external
Section II
  • Cutoff frequency of the all-pass filters
  • Amount of feedback routed back into the effect (-Neg/+Pos)
  • Spread defines the distance between the resonant peaks
  • Character - Classic, Midori, Step and Tirus
  • Nb stages is the number of pair of all-pass filters (two poles)
Section III
  • Phase Diff is the phase modulation distance between both channels
  • Dry/Wet mix signal control
  • Output (up to 15db) Use it carefully
  • Bypass


A very valuable asset, which strongly contributes to the sonic palette variety, is the modulation options brought by the plugin. The LFO can run either in free mode, synchronised to the host tempo or also being defined externally by automation curves.

When the waveform is set to external, both LFOs are controlled by the external parameters LFO Ext Left and LFO Ext Right according to the routing selected:

  • The mode is set to FREE
  • The waveform is not set to external
  • The speed knob controls the LFO rate
  • The mode is set to SYNC (time division)
  • The waveform is not set to external
  • The speed knob controls the LFO rate (time division according the host tempo)
  • The waveform is set to external:
    • Routing Left/Left
    • Routing Left/Left Inverted
    • Routing Left/Right
  • The time knob smooths out the external signals

Preset Management

FAC Phazer also comes with factory presets to provide you a source of inspiration to satisfy your needs in any situation you might require.

The preset button provides common management features: loading, organization, and saving. The left and right arrows allow fast navigation shortcuts among all the presets (factory + user), a short press on the center label provides a detailed list of all the available presets, select the one you want to work with. On the other hand a long press (hold) provides contextual operation. For factory presets it's possible to save the current preset to a user preset, for user presets it's possible to rename, save and delete the current preset.

FAC Phazer --- TeaserTeaser FAC Phazer --- External Lfo PreviewExternal Lfo Preview FAC Phazer --- Overview (The Sound Test Room)Overview (The Sound Test Room) FAC Phazer --- FAC Phazer vs Classic Phaser Guitar PedalFAC Phazer vs Classic Phaser Guitar Pedal FAC Phazer --- FAC Phazer 1.1 What’s New ? Roland Juno 106 DemoFAC Phazer 1.1 - What’s New ? Roland Juno 106 Demo

FAC Phazer - AUM

FAC Phazer - NS2

FAC Phazer - Garage Band

FAC Phazer - Cubasis

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You have served up a most delicious dish of phase-ness.. flavours that I have not tasted before.. swirly + dripping wet.. my guitar drools when FAC Phazer is in the FX chain.. sooo tasty.. A big thank you for this pedal.. it's got a permanent spot on my iOS pedalboard.


Best Phaser on iOS. Literally erased any competition. Beautiful!


I cannot repeat my self enough it’s such an another winner. Fairy dust on pads, movement and wonder! And really good call to enable it 100%!


I'm not a big phaser guy, but this one which I absolutely love really wide variety of sounds on many sources. Well done mate

Peter Kvantum

I’ve routed my Mother32 into the phaser. It’s absolutely great! Especially the very slow and slightly stereo modulations. Didn’t know that I need a phaser on my iPad until now

Thomas Büchel

Sounds freaking incredible. Incredible. The tone is so rich, absolutely beautiful.



Fred Anton Corvest (FAC) passionately crafts each plugin as a masterpiece, merging art and technology
with a strong emphasis on both sound excellence and user experience
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