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Audio Unit Box Explorer

Since its announcement in 2015, the number of audio units (AUv3) released on iOS has increased extraordinarily! But this success has some drawbacks, having a great overview of your plugins has become much more difficult and most of the time everything is mixed up.

AUBE is the app you need to get your collection organised. It provides a great overview of your audio units, your effects and instruments are automatically listed and classified. Information such as group, categories and features, are already available for more than 1000 audio units! The AUBE database is regularly updated with new plugins released.


Information, favorites and tags

The detail view contains the information about the selected AUv3. When you tap the info button, you can also get the full description from the App Store product page.

To set an AUv3 as favorite, toggle the ★ button or long press the AUv3 icon on the dashboard/effects/instruments views (Quick Toggling). Tap the user tags button to show the tag editor where you can create or edit your tags.


There are two share buttons, tapping the share button on the detail view will create a badge containing the logo and the information of the selected AUv3. Tapping the share button on the dashboard view (top right corner) will create a badge containing the number of detected AUv3 and a list of your favorites. Sharing your badges is a very fun way to show the audio units you love the most!

You need to check AUBE | AUv3 Explorer app | haQ attaQ

AUBE Keyboard Extension

If your AUv3 host, such as Logic Pro, Loopy Pro, AUM, Drambo, Zenbeats or ApeMatrix, provides a search text field in their audio units list dialog, you can locate your audio units right away with the AUBE keyboard! This is the default keyboard usage, the magnifying glass button 🔍 is toggled (blue).

To use the keyboard extension, long press the globe button 🌐 on your regular keyboad and select AUBE. The keyboard extension must be installed (see instruction below).

You can also use the AUBE keyboard extension in any text editor by toggling off the magnifying glass button 🔍 (white). Tapping on a keyboard cell will add the description and the App Store link of the selected AUv3 to your text. You can of course switch between your keyboards at any time with the globe button 🌐.

This mode is helpful when you share your creation and want to mention the audio units used. For example, in a forum, on social media, or when you prepare your YouTube video description.

AUBE Settings

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