Fred Anton Corvest

FAC Fred Anton Corvest is a company founded by Frederic Corvest,
a software engineer with a passion for sound design, producing first-class virtual effects and instruments

FAC AuV3 Known Issues

FAC Plugins are Audio Unit Extension, or AuV3. It's the evolution of the Audio Units V2, presented by Apple at #WWDC15 and aim to be used on iOS, tvOS, and macOS by host apps and distributed via the App Store.

The following lines describe the current known issues on FAC AuV3s. We try to propose a workaround when it's possible. It's very important that you understand that we can not solve issues related to bugs on third party technologies we use, or bugs linked to hosts using FAC AuV3s.

If you do not find an answer to your problem please contact Fred Anton Corvest via social media. Use the links provided at the bottom of this page.

➡️ Known Issues on iOS

➡️ Known Issues on macOS

AuV3 are fully supported on iOS but a bit less on macOS. Today, as far as we know only Logic Pro X, Garage Band and Hosting AU allow AuV3 plugins loading. Hope that some big company, like Ableton for example, will support the technology in the next few months...